Merch Insider – MBA Blueprint Bundle

Why MBA Is The Business You Have To Start TODAY…

What’s the business blueprint mentioned in the video?

This is the only STEP BY STEP guide you’ll ever need, from people who run this business successfully themselves and for students and friends who do it too.

The books cover all the processes WE PERSONALLY USE DAILY, that allowed us, our families and our students to generate five figures monthly incomes from Amazon. (Watch the video from our student, if you cheated and skipped it)

What does it cover:

  1. Getting approved! Do not wait for 6 months and waste precious time when it’s possible to get approved faster with a proper application letter!
  2. Create your first design in 5 minutes…for FREE! You don’t need to pay for expensive designers or programs. The best part is that you don’t need to know or have any graphical skills at all!
  3. How to create only designs that sell! Why waste time on experimenting with ideas that don’t sell when we already have a system to generate unlimited ideas that sell?
  4. Protecting your business! Nothing is worse than losing your account because you infringed on others copyrights by mistake.
  5. How to use the MBA platform at full potential!
  6. Finding keywords with lots of searches to generate more sales!
  7. Pricing strategies to boost sales by 300%!
  8. Tons of pro tips, strategies and secretes!

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Sujan Patel – Content Marketing Bootcamp

A blueprint for growing your business using content marketing

Content Marketing Bootcamp is a 10-week training program where you’ll discover exactly what you need to do to leverage content marketing to drive traffic, build your brand, generate leads, and drive sales.

Each week you’ll receive a 60-75 minute video you can watch or listen to in your own free time. This video (along with the accompanying materials) will give you the exact steps you need to follow to leverage content marketing to achieve your goals.

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s in the program…

Module 1

How to start creating powerful and lucrative content to drive business growth

You can write thousands of blog posts, but if they’re not strategic and targeted to the right audience you’ll never gain traction online. In the first week of the course, you’ll discover several practical ways to find the right kind of ideas for your content… ideas that have the potential to grow your business fast, including…

  • 5 types of blog posts you can use today to attract and keep customers…
  • How to use ‘Topic Buckets’ to organize keyword research and develop profitable blog ideas…
  • How to identify and take advantage of viral trends for huge surges in website traffic…
  • The 11 ‘News Values’ and what they can teach you about rapidly growing a huge blog following…
  • An ethical way to piggyback off your competitors and boost blog traffic fast…

Module 2

How the top 10% of content marketers boost their traffic, exposure and engagement

In module two you’ll learn how to go ‘beyond the blog post’ and use advanced content to get an edge over your competitors. This sections covers…

  • 16 types of content you can use to start boosting your site traffic immediately…
  • Simple email templates you can use to get noticed by the world’s greatest influencers…
  • When to use the power of a story to influence and connect with your customers…
  • A clever way to build a huge email subscriber list with checklists…
  • How to turn ‘talking about yourself’ – normally a publishing faux pas – into powerful content for your customers…

Module 3

Create and publish incredible content… even if you hate to write

Most small businesses are incredibly hands-on and owners find themselves pushing 80 hour weeks just to get everything they need done. In module three you’ll learn how to quickly and cheaply outsource your content creation and gain back precious free time to focus on other parts of your business. You’ll also delve into customer ‘personas’ and learn how to create content that draws the right kind of customer (buyers) to your business. Some of the topics covered in module three include…

  • 10 questions you should ask to understand your most likely and profitable customers…
  • Creating a Persona: Look into you readers mind and create content that makes them fall in love with your business…
  • A quick and dirty way to recruit a marketing team to create content for your business… without breaking the bank…
  • How to build processes to scale your content from zero to 100,000+ impressions and beyond…
  • Get more work done in less time with these 15 powerful productivity tools…
  • How to take advantage of the infographic trend to attract thousands of customers cheaply…

Module 4

The secret to creating epic content that gets shared and promoted

Believe it or not, all posts that get shared, liked, and promoted by online influencers, share 10 basic characteristics. In module four you’ll learn what they are and how to leverage these characteristics to create marketing content that consistently builds website traffic, email subscribers and sales. In week four, you’ll discover…

  • How to create a checklist to guarantee any post or content you create is promotable…
  • How to quickly generate social shares through an epic, SEO rich post…
  • Simple strategies to get influencers to share your content with their already massive audiences… this works even if you’re just starting out with content marketing…
  • Copy and paste these 5 promotable content templates into your own business to start reaching your ideal audience fast…

Module 5

How to find partners to help your business take a ‘quantum leap’ in growth

Module five is all about influencers. High-profile, popular individuals who can help your business attract thousands of new visitors with a single tweet or mention. You’ll learn how to connect with them in a positive, non-sleazy way, and how to increase your chances of getting the help your business needs. Some of the tactics you’ll learn in this module include…

  • How to use ‘Big Fish’ sites to zero in and connect with your favorite, high-profile influencers…
  • A simple tip that pretty much guarantees you at least TWO responses from well-known bloggers…
  • The ‘wide net’ mistake and why it could hurt your chances of connecting with qualified influencers…
  • 4 indications an influencer will be willing AND available to help grow your website traffic…
  • Templates covering 4 specific scenarios that you can use depending on what your business needs most right now…

Module 6

Build a 5-figure email list with these list building hacks

In module six you’ll learn the same tactics we’ve used to build multiple 5-figure email lists and what you can do to create a relationship with your list that is both beneficial for the reader and profitable for your business, including…

  • How to create high value content to drive emails subscriptions…
  • Simple rules for sending emails your customers love to open…
  • Add huge value to your email autoresponder with the ‘CEO’ trick…
  • Examples of high converting email opt-in devices that you can model and use in your own business…
  • Boost opt-ins with this clever approach to leveraging your existing content…
  • How to capture more leads with a ‘welcome mat’ opt in device…

Module 7

How to refresh and repurpose old work into brand new viral content

What if you could take content you created years ago, make some slight tweaks, and watch as it attracts and resonates with a completely new audience, fetching you thousands of new leads? That’s exactly what module seven covers. During this module you’ll discover…

  • How to rapidly test new mediums for your content and expand your business’ reach…
  • A reader-focused approach to repurposing content your customers will love (hint – it’s not about you it’s about them)…
  • The right time to start thinking about repurposing content for maximum impact…
  • An easy 6-step approach to boosting website visitors with short eBooks…
  • The secret to converting existing posts into guest posts with huge appeal…
  • How to create a 25-stage autoresponder email series without paying a copywriter a dollar…

Module 8

How to track, measure and use data to attract more website visitors

Data is key to understanding your audience, improving your profitability and your reach. In module eight you’ll learn to track and measure your content marketing, and how to find the insights you need to grow your business into a thriving, profitable machine. You’ll learn…

  • How to find your most lucrative content and optimize it for even more leads and conversions…
  • A scientific, data-driven way to direct your time and resources into your most profitable activities…
  • How to use an ‘aggressive’ type of goal setting to increase your business success…
  • A specific 4-phase philosophy that reveals the keys to rapid growth (Sujan uses this in all his businesses to grow to seven-figures and beyond fast)…
  • Beat 95% of content marketers with this smart approach to scaling…

Module 9

From Zero to 10,000+ visitors in 6 months – How to scale your website traffic

It’s not talent that separates small struggling businesses from thriving online websites, it’s processes – the ability to execute the same profitable action over and over again. In module nine you’ll find out how to create repeatable processes so you can scale your business and lead generation on demand. These powerful ideas will free up your time and unlock the true potential of your business. Some of the key topics covered include…

  • How to build repeatable processes with documentation and use these internal documents to scale BIG…
  • Why curiosity is the key to success for modern content marketing…
  • The surprising relationship between freelancers and your return on investment (ROI)…
  • How a simple mindset adjustment can save you dozens of wasted hours as your business grows… and the ONE word that is the key to this kind of smart growth…
  • Never overpay again: an insider guide to content marketing pricing… PLUS when to know when you’re ready to spend more…

Module 10

Revealed… Publishing ‘Hacks’ of a Wall Street Journal writer

If you’ve ever dreamt of being published in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, or Entrepreneur… here’s how you do it. In this module you’ll get a clear path to getting published in major outlets and unlocking all the traffic, attention and profits that attracts. Module ten includes…

  • What you MUST do to get published on a top 10 website… simpler than you think, but must be followed to a tee…
  • How to pitch like a pro and gain the attention of a top publisher…
  • Discover the publicist in your social circle… chances are one of your friends is the key to getting access to an influential editor… and they don’t even know it…
  • What to expect when you first email an editor, and what to do if your first email is ignored…
  • How to build a network of influencers and skyrocket the reach of anything you publish…

As you can see, this is a comprehensive business training that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to get results, no matter what your goals are.

Sujan Patel – Content Marketing Bootcamp Contains: Videos, PDF´s


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Kim Garst – Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint

A quick and easy, yet INCREDIBLY powerful system for using Facebook Live to reach (and build!) your community, promote your brand and sell MORE of your products and services using Facebook’s hot, new live streaming app.

Are you finally ready to win the battle with Facebook? Let Kim show you how to use Facebook Live to start ROCKING your business TODAY!

Are you finally ready to win the battle with Facebook? Let Kim show you how to use Facebook Live to start ROCKING your business TODAY!

Never before has there been a single, more powerful tool to reach more of your prospects and future clients for free on Facebook. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you are a video pro or have NEVER been on camera before in your life.

Kim makes learning Facebook Live fun, quick and easy!

That’s what Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint is all about. It is a Facebook Live course designed by busy small business owners for busy small business owners.

Our promise? This course is everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to build and launch high-performing Facebook Live broadcasts quickly and easily!

The course itself is laid out in a simple format that lets you hop in, find exactly what you need, or learn as much as you can in the time you have available, and then hop back out.

You can access it from any computer anytime, anywhere. Also, don’t worry about keeping up with the latest changes to the Facebook Live platform. We will do that, update the course and tell you what is new in your own closed Facebook Live support group.

To the point, when you buy Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint you will have a resource to stay on top of, and dominate Facebook Live forever!

Here’s What’s Included in the Course!

MODULE 1: Why Facebook Live and Why Now?

The power of Facebook Live for your business

10 BIG reasons why NOW is the time for marketers to pay attention to Facebook Live

MODULE 2: Facebook Live Quick Start Guide

Exactly how the Facebook Live app works

How to set up “interest lists”

How to use Facebook Live in a Facebook Group, on your Fan Page and/or for events

How to overcome the fear factor to confidently hit the “Go Live” button

Things you should know before doing your first Facebook Live broadcast

How long each broadcast should be

MODULE 3: What to do DURING Your Facebook Live Broadcast

How to introduce yourself and establish credibility fast

Tips to build a large and engaged subscriber base

How to take and answer questions like a pro

A foolproof technique to instantly shut down “trolls”

The best way to ask people to take action (and actually have them do it!)

MODULE 4: Growing Your Facebook Live Community

How to instantly get more people watching your Facebook Live broadcasts

How to amplify the reach of your Facebook Live broadcast to build a huge, engaged community

MODULE5: Rocking Facebook Live Like a Pro

How to host a “kick booty” broadcast that people love

Developing an interesting content strategy. What oh what do you talk about?

MODULE6: Facebook Live for Sales and Marketing

How to build your brand on Facebook Live

How to use Facebook Live to grow your email list (fast!)

How to do a “flash sale” on Facebook Live

MODULE 7: Get the Most “Bang” Out of Your Broadcasts

How to keep the momentum rolling even after the Facebook Live broadcast ends

How to re-purpose your broadcasts to create your own platform-driving content machine

How to edit and optimize your Facebook Live video

How to add captions to your video and triple the number of views you get

How to build playlists so people can watch ALL of your broadcasts

MODULE 8: Lights…Camera…Action!

How to set up your equipment and lighting to create a studio quality feel

Tips, tricks and techniques to make sure you always feel good an look GREAT on Facebook Live

MODULE 9: Broadcasting from Your Desktop

Understanding why and when you should broadcast from your desktop

How to set-up to broadcast in landscape mode from your desktop

MODULE 9: What do the Numbers Mean?

Where to find the stats and data on each broadcast and understand what all of it means

How to use data to build a better future broadcast

Using Facebook Live data to drive overall business objectives

You’ll Also Get These NINE Great Course Bonuses!

Bonus 1 – Closed Facebook Group

Have a question? Stuck? Just want to see what everyone else is doing and what kind of results they are getting? You can do all of that and more in a “course members-only” closed Facebook group with hundreds of other small business owners who are also going through the course. There is no additional cost and you can stay in the course as long as you like!

Bonus 2 – Facebook Live Jumpstart Guide

Use this simple guide as a quick start template to make sure you are doing exactly what you need to do (and nothing you don’t) to be successful on Facebook Live before, during and after each broadcast.

Bonus 3 – Facebook Live Broadcast Kickoff Checklist

Lights, camera and…ACTION! Getting your Facebook Live broadcast rolling strong right out of the gate is the most important part of any broadcast and a skill you can definitely learn. This checklist will help make sure you are a STAR every time you go live!

Bonus 4 – Kim’s Facebook Live Tool Kit

Like just about everything else, knowing what the tools are and how to use them is half the battle. Kim will give you a look inside of her complete tool chest and show you exactly what she uses, how she uses it and where you can get it for any and everything to do with her Facebook Live broadcasts.

Bonus 5 – 30 Sample Broadcast Titles

Many people will make the decision whether or not they want to watch your Facebook Live broadcast based on the broadcast’s title alone. In the is bonus Kim will not only give you 30 top performing broadcast titles that can be adapted for your business, but teach you the formula for building great titles, ones that will make your audience want to tune in every time.

Bonus 6 – How to Jumpstart Building Your Facebook Live Community Checklist

Once you master the art of producing GREAT Facebook Live broadcasts, you are going to want to develop a large and engaged community of viewers. This checklist is a summary of the many tips, tricks and techniques Kim has used to build a Facebook Fan base of over 400,000 fans and reach 400,000+ people, for free, on every Facebook Live broadcast.

Bonus 7 – Facebook Live Broadcast Re-Purposing Checklist

When done correctly, a single Facebook Live broadcast can generate enough content to power your other social media sites and your digital platform as a whole for days. Kim gives you an inside look into her re-purposing procedure that will help you do exactly that!

Bonus 8 – Massive Content Idea Checklist

Coming up with great ideas for your Facebook Live broadcasts time-after-time can be a little daunting. Use this checklist to make sure that your Facebook Live broadcasts come up winners every single time because each one is built on a great content.

Bonus 9 – How to Boost Your Facebook Live Broadcasts Like a Pro

Want to go really fast? Use Facebook Ads to boost your Facebook Live broadcasts to reach more people…but not just ANY people, your ideal prospects. We will show you how to get the maximum bang for your Facebook Advertising dollar.

Download Kim Garst – Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint

Keith Krance – Facebook Momentum

Is It Really Possible to Generate 612 Leads @ .20/Lead in Just

7-Days for a Brand New Business on Facebook… Using a Simple Repeatable Customized Marketing System… Crafted from Spending Over $2.6 Million/Month in Facebook Ad Spend?

Introducing Facebook Momentum

The only Facebook Ads Training Program that takes you by the hand walking you through a proven step-by-step process for…

Discovering Your Perfect Facebook Strategy for Generating Leads & Customers… While Creating Raving Fans & Brand Goodwill…

This brand new online training reveals:

  • Exactly What Works on Facebook and Why Authenticity is the Key…
  • The Fastest & Easiest Way to Build Your Facebook Presence…
  • The 7-Steps You Must Follow Every-Time for a Successful Campaigns…
  • The 2 Best Money-Making Facebook Funnels for Your Business…
  • 4 Simple Yet Powerful Questions for Unveiling What Your Market Really Wants…
  • 6 Incredible Offers Currently Crushin-It on Facebook…
  • How to Find Your Perfect Audience…
  • The Powerful Yet Overlooked Campaign that Instantly Boosts Your Credibility…
  • A Step-By-Step Guide for Unleashing Facebooks Powerful Tracking System…
  • Simple Tools for Creating Your Facebook Funnel in Minutes… Even & Especially If You Don’t Know Any Computer Code…
  • How to Build Your Lead Generation Campaign Like a Boss… 
  • Don’t Panic: Exactly What To Do If Your Ads Get Denied…
  • Instantly Know How Your Campaigns are Performing with the Traffic Light Campaign Scorecard…
  • How to Optimize & Scale Your Winning Campaigns to Create Even More Customers at an Even Lower Cost…
  • Plus much more…


  • Over 36 Training Videos
  • The Facebook Momentum Funnel Success Roadmap
  • 7 Unique Checklists, Worksheets & Action Guides
  • Video Transcripts
  • Lesson 1. Welcome to the Facebook Momentum
  • Lesson 2. Understanding What Works on Facebook
  • Lesson 3. The One Hour Set-Up Guide
  • Lesson 4. Your Facebook Action Plan
  • Lesson 5. Creating Your Facebook Hook & Offer
  • Lesson 6. 30-Minutes to Your Perfect Audience
  • Lesson 7. Building Your First Like Campaign
  • Lesson 8. Optimizing Your Like Campaign
  • Lesson 9. Killer Lead Magnet Creation (not needed for Local & Service Businesses)
  • Lesson 10. Beginner’s Guide to the Facebook Pixel
  • Lesson 11. Your Simple Facebook Selling System
  • Lesson 12. Building Lead Generation Campaigns Like a Boss
  • Lesson 13. Optimizing & Scaling Your Lead Generation Campaigns

Download Keith Krance – Facebook Momentum

ConversionXL – Google Analytics Master Course

Start Making Better Marketing Decisions with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Master Course is a live online training program that dives into the theory of digital analytics and shows you how to dig for valuable business insights

Get the recordings for this 8-class master course and learn:

  • the ins and outs of Google Analytics; how data is collected, prepared, and analyzed.
  • how to customize everything about Google Analytics to go beyond the surface of the platform and find more relevant insights.
  • how to analyze the performance and ROI of SEO, PPC, social media, and email.

Gain the Google Analytics Skills You Need to Go from a Good Marketer to a Great Marketer

ConversionXL Institute brings you alive, intensive online training course led by world-renowned Google Analytics expert, Yehoshua Coren.

In just 4 weeks, you’ll be able to

  • Use a framework to define what success looks like for your unique business.
  • Understand the full Google Analytics platform, functionality, and reports.
  • Make data-driven decisions about your performance marketing budget and resources.
  • Segment your data to uncover behavioral intent (i.e. understand your visitors).
  • Find the areas of your site that are leaking money.
  • Make (quantitative) data-driven testing decisions to plug those leaks.
  • Solve major business problems with data instead of best practices and gut feelings.

Your 4-week Live Class Schedule

The 60-90 minute live classes will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Eastern. This time works well for folks in Europe as well.

Those who attend live will have the opportunity to take part in Q&A. (Sorry, Asia-Pacific friends, but you’ll still have full access to all of the recordings.)

Class 1 – Introduction to Digital Analytics & Google Analytics

This class will cover digital measurement theory (the why) and how Google Analytics works. You’ll learn about Google Analytics limits/quotas, how to get around sampling limitations, etc.

Class 2 – Functionality and Key Reports

You’ll go over the standard reports in Google Analytics as well as basic functionality like applying advanced filters and data visualization. Yehoshua will show you how to pair the two to find deeper insights.

Class 3 – Defining What Success Looks Like For Your Business

Measurement frameworks, goal configuration, funnels… everything you need to define success and then track your progress towards it.

Class 4 – Customizing Your Google Analytics Setup

In this class, you’ll learn how to create the perfect Google Analytics configuration for your business using event tracking, custom dimensions, etc. Plus, you’ll get an introduction to Google Tag Manager.

Class 5 – Google Analytics Admin Configuration & Data Quality

To ensure high data quality, you’ll need to use filters, channel groups and campaign tagging (digital vs. offline) to preserve data integrity. Yehoshua walks you through it step-by-step.

Class 6 – Performance Marketing with Google Analytics

Are you spending your time and money wisely when it comes to performance marketing channels (SEO, paid search, social media, email)? Find out in this class.

Class 7 – Advanced Google Analytics Functionality & Reports

Multi-channel funnels, attribution and segmentation can be some of the most difficult elements of Google Analytics. You’ll learn how to master them as well as secondary dimensions, technical reports, etc.

Class 8 – Solving Business Problems with Google Analytics

Note: this class has been moved from March 8th to the 15th. US time goes forward an hour, class will still be 11am CDT

Finding technical issues, improving internal search results, knowing which articles to promote on social media, merchandising… Google Analytics can help you solve each of these issues (and a lot more).March 15th, 2017

You will also get 10 pre-recorded video lessons

In addition to live classes, you’ll get access to snack-size video lessons on the fundamentals of Google Analytics. When you purchase the course, you can immediately login and start watching videos. Topics covered include:

1. Why Digital Measurement Matters

2. What Should We Measure?

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

4. Data Quality

5. About Outliers

6. Data Sampling

7. Cross-Device Issues & User IDs

8. Using GA to Fix Business Problems

9. Dimensions & Metrics

Download ConversionXL – Google Analytics Master Course

James Wedmore – Business By Design

Committed to Helping YOU Create a Business By Design!

My mission is simple: show business owners how to make serious cash doing what they’re good at, so all work and no play becomes all work is play.

A Clear Plan to Creating YOUR Business By Design!

For the next few weeks, you can join me for my BRAND NEW training series: Power of Process!

I believe business can be fun, fulfilling, and profitable. In this training, I help course creators and online influencers eliminate any overwhelm in their business with the use of effective plug and play launch processes in their business so they can step into the architect role, experience more progress faster, and finally, reach that six- or multiple six-figure levels in their businesses!

Download James Wedmore – Business By Design

Giles Thomas – Conversion Machine

Learn a Proven Process to Increase your Conversion Rate & Grow your Business

Professional Online Training Course In Conversion Rate Optimization

Module 1. Profit Optimization

This module is about the truth behind conversion optimization, the mindset you need to be a truly great optimizer and what it really takes to get high conversion rates.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 – Conversions 101

Get up to speed with what CRO means today and remove any myths and misconceptions you have around CRO that are causing you to make mistakes and fail

Lesson 2 – CRO Process

Learn the big picture process for conversion optimization, finally a proven step by step CRO process, with steps in sequential order, without “holes” or something missing

Lesson 3 – Terminology

Discover the vocabulary and insider terms that are constantly referred to in case studies and online publications, get a grounding in how you will talk about CRO within the context of the course

Lesson 4 – Customer Theory

Learn the documents and frameworks needed to create your customer theory, what it encompasses and how it structures your data collection and analysis processes for actionable learning that gets results

Lesson 5 – Business Objectives

Understand in detail what your business looks like now, what to track, and how to measure conversion optimization processes correctly so you can understand return on investment

Lesson 6 – Google Analytics Setup & Audit

Get your Google Analytics set up right so the data you collect is actionable and not skewed. Don’t waste time and money collecting bad data

Module 2. Data Collection

This module is all about qualitative and quantitative data collection. Here you’ll learn not only the theory behind what to collect and why, you’ll learn step-by-step processes in granular detail so you can execute the same processes and skip all the learning and costly mistakes we endured to refine our approach.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 – Mouse Tracking

Learn how to setup and capture mouse tracking data for insights on how visitors use your website, learn which layouts are working and which need changing to improve conversion rate

Lesson 2 – User Testing

Learn how to conduct live user testing workshops and how to setup and capture data from automated user testing software. Learn how customers behave on your website and how to improve your sales funnel and conversion rates

Lesson 3 – Form Testing

See how to setup and collect data from your forms, learn which fields have the highest dropout rates, cause the most validation errors and improve form completion conversion rates

Lesson 4 – Live Chat

Discover how to setup and capture live chat transcripts from your visitors. Learn what common concerns your visitors have when considering to buy and remove them with improved copywriting

Lesson 5 – Customer Surveys

Learn how to skillfully conduct customer surveys and collect data than improves your value proposition and customer messaging

Lesson 6 – Customer Development Interviews

See how to conduct customer development interviews the right way, how to capture the data, what questions to ask. Turn customer insights into higher conversion rates with improved copy and a more targeted brand voice

Lesson 7 – Website & Exit Intent Polls

Learn why users are leaving your website, target high traffic high bounce rate pages and fix leaks in your sales funnel to increase profits

Lesson 8 – Welcome emails

The best way to greet a new subscriber and learn what products and services they desire the most. Collect data that teaches you what products and services will convert highly before even offering them

Module 3. Data Analysis & Hypothesis

This module is all about data analysis and hypothesis creation and prioritization. Learn the exact and detailed processes I created to analyse all your data sources for killer insights. Learn how to make that data actionable and turn it into test hypotheses. Ideas to test for improved conversion rates on your website. Learn how to build on your customer theory based on the data analysed and how it translates into value propositions, customer personas and brand positioning statements.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 – Hypothesis

Discover how to write a real hypothesis and how the conversion hierarchy affects your tests

Lesson 2 – Mouse Tracking

Learn my step by step process for analysing mouse tracking data. Learn how to translate the data into design changes and improved conversion rates

Lesson 3 – User Testing

Get the insider tips on analysing user testing data from live in-person workshops and automated testing so you can improve your usability and sales funnel and increase sales

Lesson 4 – Form Testing

Interpret field level form analytics and gain insights into which fields to remove, change or redesign to increase form completion conversion rates

Lesson 5 – Live Chat

Learn how to extract visitor vocabulary lists from live chat data and analyse results to create brand messaging that is aligned with the visitor’s needs and how they describe them

Lesson 6 – Customer Surveys

Discover how to interpret and analyse survey data for insights to improve value propositions and product positioning statements

Lesson 7 – Customer Development Interviews

Learn my three step process for analysing interview data for deeper insights and learnings. Develop your customer understanding and theory and increase conversions

Lesson 8 – Website & Exit Intent Polls

Find out the reservations and common concerts visitors have and why they leave your website, then plug those holes in your funnel through poll analysis and hypothesis creation

Lesson 9 – Welcome Emails

Learn how to analyze your welcome email data, learn about the problems your customers have and how they describe them. Invert this learning into powerful copywriting and sales messages

Lesson 10 – Usability Evaluation

Discover the 247 checkpoint list of user experience best practices I’ve created to ensure your website is usable and learnable for your visitors. No more confused visitors and high bounce rates

Lesson 11 – On-page SEO

Learn the step by step process to optimize a page for higher google rankings and better on page SEO. Drive more visitors into the top of your funnel and increase your revenue

Lesson 12 – Accessibility Evaluation

A step by step process that teaches you how to be compliant with accessibility rules Google counts as ranking factors. Improve your UX for all handicap levels and improve your SEO

Lesson 13 – Sales Funnel

Learn how to analyze Google Analytics Conversions data. Including Goal Flows and Funnel Visualizations. Discover at which points in your sales funnel visitors are leaving and learn to cross-reference qualitative data to find out why

Lesson 14 – Browser & Device

Dissect browser and device Google Analytics reports and segment conversion data for deeper insights. Use these learnings to inform browser testing and device optimization

Lesson 15 – Visitor Segmentation and Personalization

Learn how to analyse demographic Google Analytics reports and segment conversion data for deeper insights. Use these learnings to inform personalization, location based offers and visitor segmentation conversion optimization

Lesson 16 – Search

Learn what people are searching for on your sites and what that means. Leverage search insights to increase conversion rate and learn how to improve search usability

Lesson 17 – Shopping Cart Abandonment

Learn best practice around shopping cart abandonment and follow my step by step process to get more of your visitors coming back to your website and checking out

Lesson 18 – Hypothesis Prioritization

Learn how to test the most important things first without wasting time or money on bad or incorrect test sequencing and methodology

Module 4. Execution

In this module you learn how to execute your website change and redesigns ready for testing. I’ll walk you step by step through copywriting, wireframing and designing your new website pages based on your data. You’ll also learn design principles, principles of persuasion and development best practices for seo and speed. I’ve created a sales framework for landing pages and any sales messages you can follow that gets consistent results and that can drive leads and sales for your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 – Customer Theory

Iterate on your customer theory based on your data collection and analysis, ready for input to your copywriting and design changes

Lesson 2 – Visitor Vocab Lists

Build a list of visitor vocabulary and common phrases as input to your copywriting. Align your messaging with how your prospect describes their goals for higher conversions

Lesson 3 – Customer Journey

Based on your data create a customer journey to help inform sales message hierarchy and content

Lesson 4 – Sales Framework

Learn a proven framework for landing pages, lead magnets and all sales messages

Lesson 5 – Copywriting

Learn best practice and a step by step process for copywriting your new website and landing pages

Lesson 6 – Wireframing

Discover the best tools and techniques to wireframe quickly and efficiently, iterate your way to a better design results quicker

Lesson 7 – Design Principles

Get an education in UX design principles and learn about the Axis of Interaction and Grid System amongst other topics

Lesson 8 – Persuasive Design

Learn about Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion and how to use them correctly to increase your conversion rates

Lesson 9 – Development Best Practice

Learn my development best practice checklist, with tips for better page speed, CDN, caching and SEO

Module 5. Testing

In this module, you learn how to test your new website changes. You’ll learn about the different types of testing, testing rules and how to implement and interpret tests.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 – Testing Types

Discover the different types of tests you can run to validate your hypothesis. Learn how to choose the right tests that will get you the most actionable results in the shortest timeframe

Lesson 2 – Rules of Testing

Learn the common mistakes that render test results unusable and how to avoid them. Learn about the flicker effect, regression to the mean and statistical significance

Lesson 3 – Planning Tests

Get a step by step process for planning and executing tests

Lesson 4 – Customer Theory

Iterate on your customer theory based on test results and interpretation

Lesson 5 – Business Objectives

Create new business objectives, goals, KPI’s and targets based on your new customer theory and previous test results

Download Giles Thomas – Conversion Machine

Stephen Somers, Robert Rickey – Marketplace Superheroes 2.0

Start An International eCommerce Business From Scratch…

We’ve sold over $10m of physical products online & we’ll teach you everything step-by-step

Marketplace SuperHeroes is an 8 Week, 13 Module, online course that teaches you exactly how to find, brand, import & sell your very own brand of physical products on the world’s number one eCommerce marketplace.

Every module is delivered with a mixture of high quality video presentations, screen-shares & downloadable content that will teach you every single step in an ‘over the shoulder’ style.

Just follow along with each video & implement what you learn to start building your business.

What You’re About To Learn…

In this special online webinar, we’ll reveal our unique strategy for starting and growing a business selling your own branded products internationally on Amazon.

In just the last 3 years alone we’ve used this exact strategy to sell over $4.5m of physical inventory on Amazon in 7 countries.

Get your FREE spot today, and get a ‘crash course’ in how you can get started and take advantage of this truly incredible opportunity today. We cover a lot of ground in this action-packed session. Here are just some of the things you’re going to see:

  • The new way to build your business by selling just 5 products. This alone will open your eyes to the incredible power of international eCommerce, leveraging Amazon all the way.
  • You’ll learn the 7 fatal mistakes that most new online retailers make and what to do about it.
  • We’ll give you a deep dive of one of our  6 figure per year products – we’ll give you the actual  figures we made recently
  • You’ll see why you’re 70 times better off to invest in physical products than pretty much anything else!
  • And So Much More…

Here’s What’s Inside The System…

Get Ready To Learn Everything We Know!

We cover every single aspect of building an eCommerce business on the world’s top marketplace in exhaustive detail.

Every module is clearly laid out with short, engaging step-by-step videos that will teach you exactly what you need to do in the exact order that you need to do it.

You’ll never find yourself wondering what your next step is – just scroll to the next video and you’ll discover the next set of actions that you need to complete to get specific results.

We’ve spent over 10 months working tirelessly to make sure that this is the most in-depth and easy to digest course in the world.

Get ready to make incredible progress right from the get-go!

What Exactly Will I Learn?

A Tiny Sample Of The Journey

  • How to find unlimited streams of potentially profitable product ideas
  • The mental framework that will help you to start thinking like a successful seller
  • Specific product categories you must avoid at all costs
  • Discover exactly how to calculate product profitability to the penny before you buy
  • How to reduce risk & decide which products have the best potential
  • The step-by-step blueprint for creating world-class physical product brands
  • How to find & negotiate with your suppliers (word-for-word scripts included)
  • Get the import process that’s helped us to import over 450,000 physical products
  • The best way to out market your competition
  • How we achieve product conversions of over 30%
  • Expand your business internationally with ease

Download Stephen Somers, Robert Rickey – Marketplace Superheroes 2.0

Ryan Deiss – Predictable Selling System


…and generate new customers automatically and profitably!

How Does It Work?

“Let’s Build a Predictable Selling System” is a 6-week online workshop that’s divided into three main steps…

STEP 1: We’re going to clarify your offer and tell you exactly what to say on your website, sales messages, and even stage presentations so your prospects start asking YOU to take their money.

Step 2: We’re going to automate and perpetuate your sales process and transform it into a “machine” that cranks out new customers and revenue predictably and automatically.

Step 3: We’re going to test your Predictable Selling System, “install” it into your business and then fuel your sales machine with additional traffic and exposure.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a “Predictable Selling System” converting visitors into buyers automatically, and even effortlessly…meaning you make more profitable sales without ever feeling pushy or “sales.”


Each week for 6 weeks you’ll complete a new step in the “Predictable Selling Framework,” and by the time we’re finished, you’ll have all the assets you need to roll out your own automated, Predictable Selling System.

Week 1: Core Concepts of Predictable Selling

There is a formula for making your sales process predictable, profitable, and automated. In this module, we’ll map the 8-step “assembly line” process that transforms complete strangers into interested prospects, excited buyers, and, ultimately, raving fans and ambassadors for your brand.

Week 2: Architecting Your Ideal Sales Conversation

Under what circumstances will the right person almost always buy? This is the question we’ll be answering in this module because once you’ve identified your Ideal Sales Conversation, you can then start building systems to scale and automate these “conversations.”

Week 3: Identify the Triggering Event

Triggering Events are powerful because they create “windows of opportunity” where your prospect is far more likely to act. In this module, you’ll learn how to identify the different Triggering Events that occur in your prospect’s life and learn to leverage these “precious moments” to increase sales and conversions.

Week 4: Build Your Entry-Point Offer

How do we make the sale the logical next step? Better yet, how do we make the sale their idea so our prospects actually ASK to buy from us? Mastering this step is the key to “selling without being salesy,” and in this module, I’ll give you the word-for-word template you need to (at least) double your conversion rates.

Week 5: Constructing Your Predictable Selling System

Now that you have a completed “Predictable Sales Framework,” it’s time to transform your concepts into fully-functioning assets. In this module, you’ll build your first “Predictable Selling System” (using the campaign templates we provide) and test your messaging and value proposition in the “real world.”

Week 6 – Launching and Scaling Your Sales Machine

At this point, all your assets are in place, and your assumptions are fully tested and validated. It’s going time! In this module, we’ll initiate a “Test Launch” that (with a little luck) will result in your first “Predictable Sale.” Then we’ll fully integrate your new “predictable sales machine” into your business, and start feeling it with traffic.

Download Ryan Deiss – Predictable Selling System

Patrick Sargis – eCom Gods Academy

eCom Gods Secrets Revealed:

Exactly How I Raked In $4,877 In 14 Days

With My Very FIRST eCom Store

…And How You Can Replicate My Success With Almost Zero Work

The Greatest eCom Academy Ever Learn exactly how you can bring in $500+ per day doing ZERO work with Shopify… and how you can be set up one hour from now. LIVE videos from the very beginning to the very end, watch along and see how I profit.

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