Scott Oldford and Katya Sarmiento – Bots for Business

Introducing Bots for Business Online Training Program

The Premier Training Program for Entrepreneurs who want to Generate Ultra Qualified Leads using Messenger Bots (and close them quickly) – Automatically Growing their Business.

So, what is a Messenger “Bot”?

Simply put, a Messenger Bot allows you to deploy a “natural language sequence” to your leads, allowing you to engage, qualify and create an intimate connection automatically.

Think about it like this…

Instead of just having “leads” – what if you knew EXACTLY what they wanted…

Exactly where they were…

And you could have a real-time conversation with them to get all this info?

What if you could deliver exactly what they wanted… when they wanted it…

Our Program

The Bots for Business Training Program is a 5 Module Interactive Learning Experience (with over 30 videos, checklists and how-to guides) that allows you to both execute quickly and simply, without giving you extra wasted “bloat”.

Module #1: Bots 101

In this module, we’re going to ensure that your understanding of bots are up to par, that you understand how they are going to work for your business and the purpose of it inside of your lead generation and sales.

Module #2: Strategy

Now that you understand how bots can work, it’s time to map out exactly how they will work for you and the extent you would like to use in your marketing. By helping you develop your bot “map”, you will walk away with a perfect strategy to generate ultra-qualified leads and even more sale conversations and conversions.

Module #3: Messaging

Bots are all about natural language patterning and being able to engage and create intimacy with those that are “inside” of your marketing experience. We’ll show you how to develop these sequences, how to deliver the right content at the right time increasing your relevancy with your leads.

Module #4: Implementation + Deployment

Now that you have your strategy all developed, it’s time to go ahead and implement your chat bot. Instead of having to figure all of it, we’ll show you how to implement, step by step.

Module #5: Distribution + Next steps

Your bot is ready, now it’s time to show you how to integrate with your marketing, traffic sources and make the magic happen!

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Ronnie Sandlin – School of Hidden Knowledge

Join The School of Hidden Knowledge

Modules You Will Receive

Quick Start: The Beginning

Here is the step by step guide on how to get started immediately. This is the beginning of your journey and will help you understand how the whole system works.

  • Choosing Your Domain Name
  • Domain Hosting Setup
  • Setting Up Your Advertorial Launch Site
  • How To Choose An Offer To Promote
  • Ventriloquist Mindfuck Method
  • How To Make Facebook Ads Profitable Quickly
  • $240k Solar Campaign Case Study
  • How To Not Sabotage Your Success (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • The Difference Between Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Find A Network To Work With
  • How To Negotiate A Lead Generation Deal
  • The Power Of The Rainmaker
  • How To Breakthrough In The Internet Marketing Industry
  • BONUS: The Art Of Closing Million Dollar Lead Gen Deals
  • How To Scale From $1k to $20K+ Per Day
  • The Anatomy of a $100k Per Month Facebook Ad
  • The Simple Formula To A Successful Facebook Campaign
  • The Secret To Selecting Highly Profitable Images
  • [BONUS] Simple Landing Page Thats Generates Millions Of Dollars
  • The Secret To Extreme Profit Optimization

The Copywriters Guild

Here is where you’re going to learn how to turn words into money using dark persuasion.

  • Step By Step Advertorial Writing Process
  • Highly Profitable Headlines You Can Use Immediately
  • How To Improve The Readability Of Your Advertorial To Explode Your Profit
  • How To Breakthrough To $2k Per Day With Advertorial Blog Posts
  • How To Make Your Advertorial More Readable For More Money
  • How To Elicit A Strong Psychological Response With Your Headlines
  • 5 Keys To A Profitable Advertorial
  • What Is Native Advertising?
  • Most Expensive Mistake Most Native Advertisers Make
  • How To Get VIP Treatment From Your Ad Reps
  • 3 Tiered Bidding Strategy For Native Advertising
  • Hidden Native Ad Networks Marketers Make $100K Per Day On
  • How To Access VIP Native Sites They Don’t Give Most Affiliates
  • Advanced Backwords Engineering Strategies
  • How To Access Government Database For Demographic Research
  • How To Leverage T.V. Commercials Massive Spend

The Traffic Temple

Here you’re going to learn how to drive traffic (web visitors) that convert from various sources such as Facebook, Outbrain, Adwords and many you’ve never heard of.

  • $660K Per Month With Whitehat Advertising
  • How To Get A Facebook Rep
  • How To Keep Facebook Accounts Healthy & Scalable
  • How To Segment Traffic To Improve ROI
  • How To Keep Affiliate Ads Compliant With Facebook
  • Advanced Facebook Data Researching Strategies
  • Choosing The Right Campaign Objectives
  • How To Structure Your Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • The Secret To Profitable Video Ads
  • How To Create Facebook Ads For Maximum Impact
  • How To Dramatically Decrease Bid Costs On Facebook
  • How To Analyze Facebook Reporting To Find Profit Pockets
  • How To Hack Facebook’s Ad Algorithm
  • Easiest Mistakes Most New Facebook Advertisers Make
  • Advanced Custom Audience Monetization Strategies
  • How To Crush It With Survey Funnels

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Alex Becker – 8x Hero Academy


The 8x Hero Academy will show you step by step how to build, analyze, and scale an email based business to the 7 figure level. Growing your business will become a straight forward mathematical system by the time you complete this 7 week academy.

Perfect Opt Ins

See how to create opt In rates of 60-80% every time

ROI Increasing Email Funnels

Get the exact funnel strategies that can 5x your business

Mathematical Growth

Use simple analytics in Market Hero to make increasing your income straight forward and easy

Download Alex Becker – 8x Hero Academy

Tai Lopez – SMMA 2.0


Introducing the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

Since the first release of my Social Media Marketing Agency program, that’s already helped over 35,000 people learn how to start an agency, it’s been refined and updated for 2018. This new version, SMMA 2.0, now comes with exact email and phone scripts for getting clients.

Also included: the latest social media marketing tactics for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram and exclusive content from top SMMA students, who’re earning 6- and 7-figures a year from the original program.

Tested, Proven, & Improved*

The techniques in the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 are proven to work.* Since the first release of this program it’s been refined and updated with new content. As of today, over 35,000 students around the world have used this program and extraordinary results have been achieved by many.*

Some of the top students in the Social Media Marketing Agency are earning 7-figures a year. Hundreds are earning 6-figures annually and thousands have given praise about the program.

Experience more freedom

All the tools you need to start a business and enjoy your freedom*

Trend Stacking

I’ve combined the top-performing trends today ” social media and small business consulting ” into an all-in-one solution you can use to get started today. While most are missing out, you can get the first-mover advantage thanks to the step-by-step process in this program.

Guided Tutorials

Watch the video lessons in the members area using any device connected to internet. Downloadable “offline” templates and scripts are also included so you can learn on the go. You can spend years collecting all the necessary skills and knowledge alone OR get everything in one convenient place and launch within 4 months ” before the trend is long gone.

Active Community

Surround yourself with like-minded people in highly-active community. With thousands of people interacting daily, starting a discussion, getting helpful answers, and networking has never been easier.

Helpful Support

I have multiple staff members on standby to help you with whatever issue you might stumble upon ” available 24/7. As a member of the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 you’ll get priority access to my team.

Learn anytime, implement from anywhere

Do more than watch videos

Advanced Online Education

In the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 you’ll get access to more than 80 tutorial videos guiding you through every step of the process. But that’s just the beginning. Each video also includes an actionable lesson to help you implement what you’ve just learned. All of this training is available on any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Ongoing Help

As a member of the Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 you’ll also get registered for ongoing live calls that keep you updated with the latest trends and strategies, in addition to an archive of previous calls for you to review. These lessons include tutorials from top marketing experts and provide you with case studies from other successful members.

Everything you get when you join today

Here’s what you’ll get instant access to Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

4-month training program

New updated exact scripts to close clients
New social media marketing techniques for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram
Ongoing live calls
Past calls archive
Lifestyle bonus videos
Private community
Official certification
Lifetime access

Thousands of successful case studies

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Stephen Larsen- Secret MLM Hacks

Get Started With

Secret MLM Hacks Now…

 Why this product is the best:
• Pre-Built Auto Recruiting And Product Sales Templates…• The Ads That Work, And Ones That Never Will…
• How To Out-Deliver And Out-Sell Your Upline…

For two years, Steve Larsen was the Lead Funnel Builder at ClickFunnels and put over 500 sales funnels under his belt. He left his job to test some theories and get his own ‘Two Comma Club Award’.

From scratch, he crossed $1 million just 13 months later. His podcast, Sales Funnel Radio, was created to teach the finer points of “offer-ology”. Steve’s approach to offers is so attractive that fans body-check their own Grandmas just to buy!

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Troy Dean – WP Elevation Blueprint 2019

Paving the way for the new breed of WordPress Consultants

This is a 6-week program guiding web freelancers, dev, online marketers and all-around web-entrepreneurs in mastering essential business skills, practices and techniques needed to build smarter, better and more profitable digital businesses.

  • Find your process
  • Win better clients
  • Improve work-life balance

How We Can Help

Join the new breed of WordPress Consultants

Fundamentally, a WordPress consultant is a digital business consultant who specialises in using WordPress to design and provide smarter online business solutions for their clients.

WordPress Consultants play one of the most important roles in any digital business ecosystem – the connection between the client’s needs and the appropriate digital solution. Their goal is to facilitate and provide solutions that are practical, relevant and well-considered.

By joining the Blueprint program you get:

Step-by-step guidance from renowned experts

One-on-one coaching and tailored advice

Access to an entire movement of WordPress consultants

Tons of bonus content and exclusive plugins


Our Blueprint Program in Detail:

This program will improve your workflow, business practices, client relations, communications and elevate you to the position of a WordPress consultant. You’ll get step-by-step guidance from our team of renowned experts along the way. Group Coaching Calls, tailored advice and the support of our active online community.

What You Get

6 x training modules over 6 x weeks

Module #1 – Incoming

Attract Better Clients

Module #3 – Proposals

Write Killer Proposals

Module #5 – Delivery

Deliver Amazing Projects

Module #2 – Positioning

A Premium Consultant

Module #4 – Anti-Follow Up

Profit From The Follow Up

Module #6 – Referral Machine

Get Perpetual Referrals


WordPress Webinars


Group Coaching Calls


Bonus mini-Courses

6 Week WP Elevation Blueprint Course to help you take your WordPress Consulting business to the next level

Over 12 Bonus Mini-Courses

6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls to help you implement everything you learn

Access to members’ only community and forums

Access to private WP Elevation Facebook Group

WP Elevation certification and badge upon course completion

58+ bonus training webinars worth over $1,200

Video User Manuals developer license for the life of your membership valued at $288/yr

Recordings of the WP Elevation Melbourne Masterclass valued at $197

Recordings of the Recurring Revenue Roadmap Workshop valued at $497

Meet The Teachers

Troy Dean AUS

Founder WP Elevation / Teacher

8 years ago, I was building websites from my bedroom for $1200 a pop. 2 years later, I added so much value to my business that my websites became $25k. My goal is to teach you what I have learned so you can add value to your


Simon Kelly AUS

Business Coach

Simon started full-time freelance web design and dev in 2009 with my business Renegade Empire and has since built a small team. His team helps businesses create digital marketing strategies so they can succeed online. He’s carving his specialty in e-commerce, marketing funnels, and automation. Simon loves to hold training workshops on how businesses can get better results from their website and digital marketing and he’s also an organizer of the WordPress Melbourne meetup.

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Mike Barron – Motivated Training Clients That Pay Program





Wanting a turnkey Lead Gen System

Wanting to learn advanced digital marketing

Wanting to launch master online training

Want to learn how to make $$$ on the internet

Seeking a successful mentor


Wanting a turnkey Lead Gen System

Wanting to acquire fitness clients

Wanting to master sales and closing

& Marketers wanting to land large accounts

Seeking a mentor

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Stephen Larsen – My Funnel Stache

The 3 Steps I Used To Build 500+ Pro Funnels At ClickFunnels

Without Being A Designer, Copywriter, Or Coder…”

In Today’s Presentation…

Secret #1:

The Fastest Way To Almost Guarantee Funnel Building Success (This Is Even Easier If You’re New)

Secret #2:

The Hidden Engine In Every Funnel And Why It Can Work Against You

Secret #3:

How To Mimic The Personalize Funnel Building Training That Russell Made Me Go Through During My First Week As His Funnel Builder…

What’s Next?

“The 3 Steps I Used To Build 500+ Pro Funnels At ClickFunnels, Without Being A Designer, Copywriter, Or Coder…”

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Kevin David – Digital Course Secrets 2019

Here’s What You’ll Get!

($997 VALUE) I Will be Available to Answer Your Questions and Give You the Green Light BEFORE You Start Creating Your Digital Course Product!

  • Whether you’re brand new or a Veteran Course Creator this course has a TON for you! With the most in-depth video walkthroughs, we show you EXACTLY how to dominate every aspect of Digital Course creation from A – Z!
  • ($1,497 VALUE) I’ll cover the importance of building your Tribe, and how to become the attractive character people will want to follow and learn from. 
  • I’ll share what platforms to focus on versus the social media platforms to avoid. The BIG 3 mediums of communication will be our main target.
  • ($997 VALUE) I’ll Show You Three Evergreen Niches to Find Home-Run Course Topics With NO GUESSWORK and VALIDATE Your Idea Using MVP       
  • I’ll teach you how to develop a deep understanding of your customers’ pain and how to help them transition from their current to their desired situation.
  • ($997 VALUE) I’ll show you the EXACT process of how to organize, price and outline your Digital Course, cutting down the time invested and the fatal mistake other new course sellers make. 
  • Learning how to keep your student engaged and not overwhelming them with your teachings are some of the main factors of the successful digital course.
  • ($2,997 VALUE) I Will Give You The Prebuilt  Digital CourseTechnology That Will Catapult Your Business Into Profitability!  
  • I’ll share my exact funnels, email sequences, and templates, that you’ll be able to import with just a few clicks.
  • ($1,997 VALUE) I’ll Show You How to Launch and Sell ANY Digital Course Product Focusing Only on The Highest Ad Platforms and Launch Techniques!                
  • I’ll share landing pages I use that you can copy for your own products to sell on Facebook WHILE collecting your new customer’s emails for subsequent product launches!
  • BONUS #1: Raising Your Army – the Art of Affiliate ($997 VALUE)
  • BONUS #2: Chat with Many with ManyChat – Facebook Messenger Bots! ($1,997 VALUE)
  • BONUS #3: The Strongest Workhorse on Earth – Your Million Dollar Webinar Funnel (VALUE: PRICELESS)

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