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Flux Academy – The 6 figure Freelancer

Make a great living doing what you love as a freelancer Attract a steady stream of high-value clients, break free from feast-and-famine cycles, and regain

Greg Gunn – Color For Creatives

Go beyond theory and learn color like a pro in this course from Greg Gunn. You’ll master how to see, understand, and use color to

Neel Sarode – WP Design MasterClass

Become A Better Designer NOW! What You Get: 1. Deployment Learn the quickest and easiest method to get a new WordPress Website up and running. Also

Chris Do – Typography 01

Typography is the linchpin that holds all of design together. Let go of your fear of type Finally look at a page full of type

Flux Academy – The $10k Website Process

Master The Art of Designing Websites That Demand High Prices I’ve bottled up my battle-tested, step-by-step process to plan, design, and deliver beautiful, high-value websites.

Erin Flynn – Streamline. Design. Profit.

Streamline. Design. Profit. The accelerated step-by-step framework to creating a profitable web design business Does this sound like your life currently? You’re making way less

Kathryn Jones – CF Design School

how to design a 7-figure funnel in 30 minutes without any tech skills *truth: your ugly funnels are costing you sales. secret #1:  your website

Peng Joon – Content Multiplier

Peng Joon – Content Multiplier “I first revealed a sneak preview of this process at Funnel Hacking LIVE 2018. I only had 29 minutes so